Monday, 9 January 2012

The First Hat

A gentleman is any man who wouldn't hit a woman with his hat on.

It's weird when you start noticing stuff. When you learn the history of Somalia and suddenly it pops up everywhere. When you hear the song 'Thank You Very Much' for the first time, and somehow it's in your head any time anyone thanks you for something. And most pertinently, when you watch Lord of the Rings for the first time and, as if by magic, you have hair like Frodo and everyone's quoting Gandalf. I was fairly certain that once I started making a point of wearing hats more frequently for my New Year's Resolution, I'd start noticing more hats being worn. It's been a little disappointing.

However, all is not lost. After a wonderfully slow start to the year, my Fellah and I managed to haul-arse to Benjamin Disraeli's house for a late afternoon walk. It was a bit nippy, so I wore my new coat and my old Amelia Earhart reminiscent boots. I also accepted the offer to borrow a hat. It was blue and covered in what I can only assume were small, woollen nipples. It was noted that I looked like a 1930s 'Where's Wally? Oh, there he is, with the Fuehrer'.

Attempting to look fascist noble.
Bring on the hats.

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