Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Second Hat

One of the greatest labour-saving inventions of today is tomorrow.

I have put it off for long enough. Tonight you will find me with my thinking cap on, angrily gulping a large mug of coffee. I will not 'furiously inhale' the large mug of coffee because my fiction tutor doesn't realise think that makes sense. Long story - can you tell I'm touchy about it?! The task for tonight is finishing my stories off for my upcoming module deadline. For those who didn't know, I've been posting my short stories here, but none uploaded so far have been short-listed for my portfolio. I will inevitably post them once they have been fiddled with/actually written.

In case you were wondering, the hat above does say POO BUM. It was created as a Petrol Bashers prototype hat for the Toyota Technology Challenge. I entered as part of the PB team with my friends Amelia, Hannah and Jade (or Milz, Hanz and Jay-Z) in 2005-2006. Photographic evidence of the finished hat can be found herehere, and here, and all the years in between. There I am, in all my 14 year old, gormless glory, inexplicably on a billboard. I still have those Converse. They have Batman on them. We didn't win (in spite of the war paint) because I pushed our chariot off the starting line rather too enthusiastically; it did a wheelie and fell over.

And to close, here is another shot of the prototype.

Clearly I was an angry young hat maker.

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