Sunday, 13 November 2011

When is it too early for Christmas?

There's more of gravy than of grave about you.

My general standing is that all bets are off once November has hit and, more specifically, Daddy Stedders' birthday has passed. Generally there are four stages of Christmas mood. First comes an awareness that the festive season is on the way. Shops are adorned with tinsel, and you can hear Wizard just about everywhere you go. Second comes the thought process: do I have enough blank cards left from last year to scrape through? What should I buy for Brother Stedders? Where can I inconspicuously leave my Christmas list? Third is the merging of acceptance that Christmas is coming with personal participation. It's sometime during this period that The Choirboys are ceremoniously welcomed back to my car. And the final stage, the Christmas Rush. Although the time of glad tidings and goodwill to all men has hardly come as a surprise, the day itself always creeps up alarmingly quickly. Suddenly it seems like everything still has to be done. Where is all the selotape? Have we bought enough parsley? What the giggidy goo can I get for Brother Stedders?!

This year, as an experiment, I've done it a little differently. Stage three always seemed to come a little too late; I had never managed to give myself enough enforced festive feeling to feel sufficiently jolly when the time actually came. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas (as if you hadn't guessed that already). However, one needs a little motivation to complete the less entertaining festive activities, such as writing hundreds of cards, or testing far too many fairy lights. So a couple of days after Daddy Stedders' birthday this week, Mummy Stedders and I curled up on the sofa in our Christmas pyjamas and Santa hats, watched a snowy film and drank tea from the snowman mugs. The Choirboys went in my car. I started singing carols in the shower. Yesterday I ate a mince pie.

Funnily enough, now I've initiated the festivities, everything else seems to be fitting nicely into place. The Christmas trees in shops are beautiful, not gaudy. I'm appreciating the presence of Wizard. As I wrote this post in a glittery conglomerate coffee shop yesterday, I could see out across the town. The lights were twinkling, and maybe it was just me, but there seemed to be a hint of excitement in the air.

Bring on Christmas; I'm more than ready this year.

Unless, of course, I'm sick of it by then. I'll let you know how it goes. 



  1. I start thinking about Christmas presents and so on well in advance, but for me the festivities don't really begin until the start of December.

    It's possible (probable) that I'm getting increasingly grinchy with age (although my skin remains its usual tone and shaving regularly keeps the hair under control), but I don't like Christmas preparations months in advance. Bad enough that advertising for it seems to start around mid-September these days!

    Here endeth the grumbling.

  2. Its always too early for Xmas - I'm already in humbug mode and have had too much of it already. Don't the shops understand that they're killing us....
    Still going to have an early Xmas with friends so I'm sure it will be alright then

  3. The thing is, it's a pretty perfect time to be doing christmas shopping - just before the rush starts - and this 'warming up' phase has got me into gear. Plus, I cannot express how much I like the Choirboys.
    In dulci jubiloooo..
    But I do appreciate that it does get a wee bit tiresome.

  4. I'm getting bombarded with list from my niece, nephews and god children who definitely know what they want - they just don't understand the type of shopper I am.

    However, I've got my Blossa Glogg (2 dots on the O pls) in, and I really love mince pies, so its not going to be a bad Xmas. Just hope Star Wars isn't on the TV again.